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Ikarik Part 4
It’s been 2 weeks since that day. I haven’t been to Lee’s room since. Nai is watching him more often now so Kiba and I won’t have to. I’ve spent my days talking to Tyrell and have made friends with Sig, a friend of Tyrell’s who became a guard when Tyrell did. They are very nice and funny. Sig has spiky black hair, eyes the color of sapphires, and his demonic teeth stuck out like vampire fangs when he smiles. Despite his appearance, Sig is a really nice guy. I haven’t told anyone about the Lee incident except for Kiba. Kiba believes that me talking to Tyrell and Sig is a way of distracting myself from my feelings. Truthfully I do not want love right now. You see I was in love with someone once but turns out he was lying to me because he was just trying to make me feel better about myself which didn’t help at all. Now I avoid love and always will no matter what.
Sig: “Nazuna, you okay?”
Nazuna: “Hmm? Yeah I’m fine. I
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Ikarik Part 3
I was wandering around the armory watching the guards spar, listening to Jai teaching the guards better sword skills, and just chatting with a new recruit on the sidelines. My mind kept wandering to Lee and how he was doing. He was still sore and had trouble standing and walking around so he was told by Nai to keep resting for a while. We had cleaned and fixed the holes in his clothes and made them look brand new, which he thanked us for. Kiba was watching him along with Nai because Jai wanted to speak to me about Lee, which made me very nervous. I noticed that Jai had finished teaching and was motioning me to come into his room. I swallowed hard but followed him anyway.
Jai: “How is the boy Lady Nazuna?”
Nazuna: “He is doing fine. He is healing well but he still has to rest.”
Jai: “I wonder what hurt that boy so badly. Speaking of I sound rude calling him the boy what is his name?”
Nazuna: “Haku is his name.”
Jai: “Nice name for a
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Ikarik Part 2
The woods were quiet…to quiet. I didn’t like this, not at all. The birds weren’t chirping, the wind was still, and not even a rabbit or squirrel was running about.
Kiba: “I wonder why it is so quiet out.”
Nazuna: “I don’t know but I know I don’t like it.”
Just then a rustle behind me made me grab an arrow and aim my bow at the rustling sound only to be completely shocked. There was a guy around my age lying up against a tree bleeding profusely from many wounds on his chest, arms, and legs. His skin was very pale and clammy looking. His eyes were a beautiful red color, his long ebony hair was tied back, his clothes were dirty, and he had two swords at his side but he had his hands up showing he meant no harm. His eyes were begging me to help him.
Nazuna: “Oh my gosh! Kiba go get Nai please! Hurry!”
Kiba: “But-”
Nazuna: “Go! Please!”
Kiba took off back toward the castle while I came closer to him.
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Ikarik part 1
A gentle wind blew the flowers in the courtyard. I sat looking out a window in Nai’s, our castle demon scholar, study. The sound of boots on the concrete floor brought my attention away from the window.
Nai: “Lady Nazuna, have you finished your history reading for the day?”
I pouted.
Nazuna: “Naiiii, why do I have to read about our history? I already know all of it and I prefer HEARING them not READING them!”
Nai sighed, put his books he was carrying on his desk, and kneeled beside me.
Nai: “Nazuna…things have been very busy lately. I have to find information for your father on many different topics and do not have time right now to tell you about our history. So please?”
Nai picked up the book I had discarded and gently handed it to me.
Nai: “Humor an old scholar just this once?”
I smiled. Nai always knew how to kindly get me to do things for him.
Nazuna: “Can’t I help you find the stuff for dad?”
:iconcrisiscoregirl100:Crisiscoregirl100 1 3
Ikarik (info)
Ikarik is a story about this awesome world (at least in my opinion since
I made it lol) That is ruled by a demon king and a human queen. Humans and demons live together in this world (named Ikarik) There is this evil tribe called the Zans who want war with the Ikarik kingdom because they believe their son Lee was kidnapped and killed by the Ikarik Kingdom. The princess Nazuna finds the renegade prince and gives him a place to stay with the Castle Demon Scholar Nai. Eventually they start falling in love. (but that will come about in the story that wasn't a spoiler LOL) Around the castle are 4 temples each with a sage as its leader. Must Nazuna make the worst choice of her life and give up her love or must she watch in horror as her family and all she loves get taken away from her in the bloody war the Zans wish for?
Ikarik people
Joo- the queen, spirit/light sage, Nazuna's mom, human
Raun- the king, Nazuna's father, demon
Nazuna- 16 year old princess of Ikarik she is a kind person who l
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First off I am doing better after all the misfortunate things that have happened. I hope everyone enjoys my newest pokemon drawings :D I know they were fun to draw. I want to do gijinkas (spelling may be off there) but I don't know the trick to it so if anyone can point me in the right direction I would enjoy that :D. Thank you guys for your love and support. I appreciate every single one of you! Remember you are all beautiful and can make a difference in anyone's lives even your own! 

Feeling: happy:happybounce: 
watching: chilled chaos youtube videos OMG MOAR POEMS! 


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Krystal Pettit
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I love anime and manga. Drawing them is a really fun hobby of mine. I love to draw pokemon chibis. They are so adorable. I wish I could scan them and put them on here but sadly I cannot :(. I don't think they are any good but a lot of my friends and family like them. I love making new friends and I never judge you so a lot of people like to come to me with their problems. Don't be afraid to talk to me. I wish and hope my art gets better as I practice and with some support from my friends. I live in a very small town in Arkansas so there isn't much to do but draw. I am different from others in my town because of my love for Anime, which gets me picked on at school, but I have learned to ignore it.

Friends on worlize know me as Jewls, But my screen name on Worlize right now is Tsukiko Hayashi.
I am also Tsukiko Hayashi on Tumblr.
I am FlamingArchangel on Gaia.


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